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4 Reasons to Start Investing While You're Young

For many people, investing seems like something to do when you're older—essentially, it's what you do once your other financial goals have been mostly achieved. However, starting early offers a wide range of advantages, so you might want to start looking for investment advice even while you're young.

Here are just four reasons why it's a smart idea.

1. You Can Take on Added Risk

Nearly every type of investment involves some level of risk, and controlling that risk is a key part of investment management. One great thing about starting young is that you'll be able to take a few risks without the associated worries. Younger people have more years ahead to earn their nest eggs and generally lack the monthly expenses associated with raising a family or paying off a mortgage. As such, starting early means you'll be in a better position to pursue those riskier investments that can lead to huge gains.

2. Your Money Has More Time to Grow

The whole point of investing is to take the money you have and make it grow. The more time it can grow, the more you're generally going to get. That means time is a precious resource, and it's one younger people are rich in. Even if you only put your money into very low-risk investments, you're going to end up with far more if you start at 20 than if you invest the same amount at 30. Even if you don't have much to invest at a young age, you may find that the initial sum has grown considerably by the time your peers are only just thinking about investing themselves.

3. You Can Set and Achieve Financial Goals

One of the great things about investing money is being able to set yourself up for later life. You can set the financial goals you'll want to meet as you age. You'll then be able to properly manage your finances and make the right investments to ensure you're on track. Whether you want to invest for your retirement or so you can buy a house by the time you're 30, getting an investment portfolio started while you're young can set you up for success.

4. You're Well-Placed to Learn

Finally, keep in mind that learning about investing can be much easier when you're young. Young people often have more free time to research investment types and trends, and you'll probably be more current with technology than you will be in a few decades. And again, you have the time to go at your own pace. Even if you only spend 15 minutes each day learning about investing, that's going to put you well ahead of the curve by the time you're older.

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