Fact 1: You’ve legal rights as prescribed through the Credit Rating Act. Have you ever seen your monthly billing statement recently? For those who have and you’ve got observed it contains errors, inconsistencies as well as fraudulent charges then, we counsel you to instantly dispute all of them with the loan reporting agencies. Remember that the loan Reporting Act offers consumers protection against unauthorized transactions, as long as they can report such products for their particular card providers, within 2 to 3 business days.

Fact 2: Not every guaranteed charge card issuers submit timely reports of consumer activities towards the three major credit agencies. Hence, if you want to utilize a guaranteed card account to jumpstart or rebuild your credit report then, you need to ask your card provider upfront whether it has close working ties using the credit rating agencies. If their response is YES then, you might proceed together with your application for any charge card account. Otherwise, you might want to look for other firms to help you achieve your ultimate goal of creating or rebuilding personal credit.

Fact 3: Aside from interest, there are more charges and expenses enforced on various card accounts. For example, guaranteed charge cards include security deposit needs. Meanwhile, other individuals may need you to pay finance charges and other associated charges, with respect to the transactions you’ll use your charge card for.

Fact 4: Charge cards aren’t made the same. Actually, they have broadly-different interest levels, charges and expenses, payment terms and options, credit limits, and application needs.

So, to obtain one which matches you needs, financial capacity, and preferences it’s your responsibility to look and compare the characteristics enforced on various card programs. In so doing, you will likely finish track of a charge card which will surely work to your benefit.

Fact 5: Some charge cards impose different rates on several transactions. You will find cards today that carry multiple rates. In addition to the rate of interest that’ll be billed in your bills, purchases and expenses, you may even incur charges for money advance, balance transfer promotions, as well as for other add-on facilities.