Today we will look at several services that in our opinion may be of interest not only to beginning traders, but also to those who decided to make business out of the hobby. And start with the affiliate program. Although, LH-CRYPTO employees prefer to call it not a partnership program, but an ordinary cooperation. True, with some bias towards professional business. What does the brokerage company LH-Crypto offer us. First, there is a standard method using a partner link. Having received this link, the client of the company can attract partners for further cooperation. The company did not particularly restrict the use of affiliate links. Is that forbids spamming. Yes, it is not surprising. Spam, it is spam. But another thing is when a partner advertises a brokerage company in social networks, or on forums. The company even welcomes this approach. In principle, any person who will go to this link and register, automatically becomes a partner of the client. In the future, he can invite himself, or come to grips with independent trade. LH-CRYPTO does not force anyone to do anything. The next type of cooperation is the free agent method. Unlike the affiliate link, which is distributed on the Internet, a free agent can advertise the brokerage company LH-CRYPTO everywhere. And even right on the street. The agent has only one purpose – to interest, and to invite the person interested in the office. The potential of a free agent is much higher than the potential of the Internet. In this case, the agent works only with the person concerned. Naturally, even those who heard about it for the first time from the agent come to trading. And such is not enough. The advantages are as follows. An agent need not be registered as a legal entity. Having an office is also an optional point. It can be any person who does not know how to trade, but he likes the principle of partnership. In this case, not even trading, he will receive money for the trade of his future partner. More precisely, the commission. The next type of cooperation is franchising.

Despite the intricate definition, franchising is designed specifically for those customers of the company who plan to do their own business. What is characteristic, the company LH-CRYPTO supports the partner at any stage of development. If you understand, the company offers assistance in the creation of a partner center, or an office in which the partner will be the leader. Of course, the partner center operates under the auspices of LH-CRYPTO. And what is important, the partner center develops under the untwisted label of the company. This is a very important point, since the period of development of any company is the most difficult period. It’s not enough to open a company. It should work. At the moment, this type of cooperation is one of the most popular, overtaking even a network link. Why is that? The world does not stand still, and many understand that the development of technology can give a person something that could only be dreamed of. Think about it, how much work and time it takes to start your own company. Yes, even if the partner center. And your nerves? But having strong support in the person of LH-Crypto, the opening of the partner center, and its development, seems common, which does not require huge work. And what is most interesting, LH-Crypto also helps from a financial point of view. In the sense of money. This is really an invaluable help. Nuances, to be honest, surprised. It turns out that financial assistance in some way is considered gratuitous.

The company LH-Crypto leaves money in the partner center. On the balance of the center. It would seem, why all this. And again, surprise. This money is an asset of the partner center, which can be distributed for the needs of the center. But having examined in more detail, it can be concluded that LH-Crypto makes investment investments. Of course, this is in the long term, since the partner center, no matter how it is promoted, will repel the invested money in just a few months. And the company helped a considerable amount. This also needs to be understood. But the fact is that the most difficult stages have been passed. It remains to distribute the roles in the partner center, and to direct the case in the right direction. This is an interesting logic for LH-Crypto. Make it so that all was well. And the partner to open his own center, and the company invests its assets. Nothing to say. Everything is thought out to the last detail. An equally interesting and profitable type of cooperation is the White Label program. The program is more suitable for those clients who have some experience in asset management, and work in the financial sector. The program assumes purchase by the client of ready business. What is interesting, as in the previous case, the company LH-Crypto from Larson&Holz helps to pick up the business by the necessary criteria. There are enough directions. And besides this, the company guarantees assistance in processing and developing a ready-made company. You can get closer to the details at the nearest partner center, or the main office. In this case, the company LH-Crypto from Larson&Holz allocates an individual sales manager, who will be able to explain all the nuances of this transaction. He will not only explain what’s what, but also help in legal matters. Now you do not need to sign up for an appointment with a consultant. The manager of the company will say what needs to be done first and which doors should be opened first.