Religare health insurance has some of the top health insurance plans and policies for every individual’s healthcare needs. The insurance company in itself has shown tremendous growth in a very short time attracting a lot of customers in India.

A joint venture between Religare Enterprises Limited, Union Bank of India and Corporation Bank, this insurance company is one among the top 10 health insurance service providers in India. While health insurance has become an inevitable investment for everyone, it is advisable that you have a thorough analysis of every available option before purchasing one.

So what makes a health insurance policy one of the most preferred policies and why is Religare health insurance one of the best insurance service providers in India? Read on.

Are All Promises Made By Religare Health Insurance Fulfilled?

YES. Let us look at all the promises Religare health insurance makes and check if they are actually fulfilled in reality.

#1. Life Long Renewability

This is a very important aspect when it comes to health insurance. Good life insurance is one which gives you an option of lifelong renewability. This would ensure that no matter what your age is, your medical expenses are always covered, and you stay financially secure with regards to your health. Religare not only promises lifelong renewability, but also has umpteen number of happy customers to vouch for it. Also, for all health policies with sum insured less than Rs. 25 lakhs, you don’t have to undergo any pre-policy medical tests till 50 years of age.

#2. No-Claim Bonus and Auto Recharge Facility

Religare promises between 50%-150% increase in the original sum insured for every claim-free year as a no-claim bonus based on the plan and its option chosen. Apart from this, Religare gives its customers the advantage of auto recharge of the sum insured in case it gets exhausted. The recharged amount can, however, be used only for future claims and not for any ailments or disease for which a claim has already been made in the current policy year. This would mean that you don’t have to worry about your health cover even after your claim exhausts your insurance coverage.

#3. Cashless Treatment across the Globe

You can enable cashless treatments across the globe (based on plan and sum insured) along with around 5420+ network hospitals in India. So, irrespective of where you are, you still have your health cover if you have opted for Religare health insurance policy. You are also eligible for an annual health check-up irrespective of your claim history. Thus with Religare, you are not only covered against health ailments but also against preventive healthcare and diagnostics.

#4. Extensive health cover

Religare health insurance plans promise you extensive health cover which includes in-patient hospitalisation, room charges (up to 1% of the total sum insured or single private room based on sum insured chosen), up to 30 days of pre-hospitalisation and 60 days of post hospitalisation expenses, daily cash allowance of Rs. 500 for a maximum of 5 days, ambulance cost, and domiciliary hospitalisation. It also covers donor’s hospitalisation expenses, consultation and second opinion cost, and pre-existing diseases after a waiting period of 4 years.

#5. Easy Claims Settlements and Good Customer Support

Since there is no third-party involvement in claims settlements, the entire process of claims settlements is hassle-free and quick. Religare Health Insurance Company boasts of around 51% incurred claims ratio and more than 98.94% grievances solved in the year 2016-17. The customer support team is also pretty responsive with a very short turnaround time for all types of queries.

Is Religare Health Insurance Trustworthy And Reliable?

With over 5420+ network hospitals in their kitty, Religare health insurance is definitely a reliable, trustworthy and one of the best health insurance companies you can probably get health coverage from. Promoted by healthcare brands like the Fortis Hospitals, SRL Diagnostics, and Religare Wellness makes its overall credibility more pronounced and evident.

An Afterthought

While a health insurance policy is the need of the hour for every individual, it is very important to know whether the insurance company we have invested in is the right choice in terms of coverage, claims settlements and customer queries. Compare policies and analyze reviews on to check for the right policy and plan to suit your healthcare needs. Religare definitely marks its places in all these factors, making it one of the most sought-after health insurance companies in India.